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Saudi student is literally surrounded by FBI for cooking rice under terrorist suspicions 
White people literally can not associate positive words with Black faces because of racism 
More white people use drugs but Black people are sent to jail for drugs at 10 times the rate that white people are 
Black people who “sound Black” earn less money than those who don’t because of associations with stereotypes. Black people who “sound Black” are less likely to get called back for jobs 
Black children grow up literally associating being Black with being bad and ugly 
White people when tested shot more unarmed Black subjects than armed and unarmed white subjects 
Hate crimes increase after Boston tragedy 
Moroccan High School Student is linked to Boston tragedy for being Brown 
Bangladeshi man is beaten by people out of racism 
NYPD Commissioner wants Black and Latino men to fear him after the police targeted literally 90 percent Black and Latino men in New York and humiliating them by frisking them in public under the assumption that they had weapons. Studies found that white men were the ones who overwhelmingly had weapons while Black and Latino men didn’t 
White people blaming and convicting Black men for crimes they never committed and everyone believing them because of racism 
Stop and Frisk, ruled unconstitutional was practiced by New York police disproportionately and unfairly affecting 90% Black and Latino men because of racism 
Universities throwing racist ‘Fiesta Party’ homogenizing culture with extreme racism 
Here are some of the numbers on hate crimes against People of Color and btw, Neo Naziism is increasing! 
Every 28 Hours an African American is Extrajudicially Murdered in the U.S. 
Black people 3 times more likely to be arrested for Marijuana 
Black people receive much harsher sentencing than white people for the same crimes
Deaf Black man is stabbed out of racism when his sign language is mistaken for a GANG SIGN 
Anti-Islam posters run free on the train to reinforce racism anti-Islamic sentiments and Islamaphobia 
Oops! Chicago police raids the wrong house, holds an 11 month old at gunpoint to raise their hand, kills their dog all because of racism and assuming it was a crackhouse! Oopsies 
Let’s take it overseas! Black people in England and Wales are 7 times more likely to be stopped by police than white people. Asian people are twice as likely 
People assuming Native american baby names are actually Native and have any meaning to any ethnic group when they don’t 
Here’s a whole collection of people saying racist stereotyping homogenizing disgusting stuff about Natives 
People protesting (Idle No More) defending Native people’s humanity are attacked with violence 
White kids think it’s totally okay and normal to photograph themselves lynching a Black baby doll like an effigy
Member of the most glorified band in the world Paul McCartney made a racist white supremacist song called ‘No Pakistanis’ and everyone still glorifies him as a good person 
Racism in actual political campaign in Massachusetts against a Native runner portraying her name and image in a racist stereotypical inappropriate manner
Indian Sikh school students protest for students who are banned from wearing their turbans in public schools in France 
Here’s a graph of the statistic that approx every 28 hours an African American is extrajudicially executed in the US 
NYPD profiling and targeting LGBT*Q People of Color 
Black students (especially boys and children with disabilities) face more and harsher punishments in public schools and are being pushed out of schools into the criminal justice system. 
Black male incarceration has jumped 500% from 1986 to 2004
 Albany police: SWAT literally uses a poor Black neighborhood to train in because they say it’s ‘realistic’ 
The audio recording from a young man of color of a NYPD stop and frisking him based solely how he looks calling him a “FUCKING MUTT” 
Incarceration rates by ethnicity 
All of this fucking cultural appropriation

NYPD Data Proves White People Are More Likely To Possess Drugs Or A Weapon Than Racial Minorities When Stopped, Yet 84% of Stop & Frisk Victims Are Black/Latino

Residential Segregation

I mean I’m pretty sure it’s racism, why?


I mean I’m pretty sure it’s racism, why?

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(Also the hilarious case of crackers crying about racism due to it)

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YASS!! FUCK It UP!!! lol He was Like “Senior Citizen My Ass Get Into These Moves”

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NY Father Dies After Being Choked By Police

A Staten Island man died as police tried to take him into custody Thursday afternoon, and the incident was caught on video by a bystander. 43-year-old Eric Garner, known as “Big E” to many in the neighborhood, went into cardiac arrest as police attempted to handcuff him around 4:45 p.m. outside 202 Bay Street in Tompkinsville. The NYPD says they were arresting him for selling untaxed cigarettes, but witnesses say he had just broken up a fight and was wrongly targeted by police.

In the video, which was obtained by the Daily News, Garner is seen telling officers, “I was just minding my own business. Every time you see me you want to mess with me. I’m tired of it. It stops today!” The Staten Island Advance reports that Garner was out on bail with three pending criminal cases against him, all involving charges of possession and sale of untaxed cigarettes.

Another witness tells the Advance that Garner “tried to break up the fight—the two guys fighting, they saw the cops coming and walked away.”

When more officers arrived at the scene and attempted to handcuff Garner, who weighed 350 pounds, he’s seen swatting their hands away and saying, “Don’t touch me, please.” One officer puts him in a chokehold as the others struggle to pull him to the ground and get his arms behind his back. Garner, an asthmatic, can be heard repeatedly saying, “I can’t breathe.”

"They jumped him and they were choking him," says Ramsey Orta, who knew Garner and took the video. "He was foaming at the mouth,” Orta told The News. “And that’s it, he was done. The cops were saying, ‘No, he’s OK, he’s OK.” He wasn’t OK.” Another friend of Garner says, "He’s a very big man, very intimidating, but he’s just a big teddy bear. He’s the nicest guy. I can’t believe what I saw. That’s no way to do an arrest."

One police source tells the Advance, “He absolutely resisted arrest. He took a fighting stance.” The official NYPD statement asserts that Garner was selling untaxed cigarettes. “Upon attempting to arrest the suspect for the violation, the suspect went into cardiac arrest and was transported by EMS to Richmond University Medical Center where he was pronounced DOA. The Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death.”

Garner leaves behind 6 children including a 3-month-old daughter, Legacy Garner, and a wife, Esaw Garner, who tells the News her husband was unable to work because he suffered from chronic asthma, diabetes and sleep apnea. “When I kissed my husband this morning, I never thought it would be for the last time,” Garner says.

The Advance reports that within an hour after Garner’s death, handwritten signs hung near the incident declared, “no justice, no peace” and “Another innocent black man has been killed by police brutality. The NYPD must be stopped!” One police source tells the News, “A guy is dead in our custody. That is always a potential problem.”


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Something I did tonight because this post made me so angry
#colorism #frenchgirlsapp #racism #art #blackwomen
Kat Blaque 


Something I did tonight because this post made me so angry

#colorism #frenchgirlsapp #racism #art #blackwomen

Kat Blaque 

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